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SOS Maintain 250ml

SOS Maintain is specifically designed to support the immune system while its antibacterial and antifungal properties help the body protect itself from serial infection. SOS Maintain is often taken as a tonic after you have finished the SOS Advance detox program.

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SOS Maintain is a fully-natural drink which is taken once a day. It also works to maintain the benefits gained through using SOS Advance, such as boosting the body’s own immune system. SOS Maintain is designed for long term use to sustain and compliment the body’s natural defences.

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SOS Maintain is not medicine. It is a natural herbal solution based on carefully selected natural oils and fragrant essences from a range of well-known plants & flowers, such as Clove, Oregano and Cedar, amongst others. Just as with SOS Advance these oils and extracts have been carefully blended to provide a tonic with a wide range of positive health benefits.

SOS Maintain is non-toxic, carcinogen-free. It is designed to gently eliminate toxins, guard against viral and blood borne diseases, while supporting the vital organs to maintain a healthy balance.

The ingredients in SOS Maintain all have well-documented properties for health and well being.

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Disclaimer: This company states that we are not medical professionals; we do not diagnose or give medical advice.We only warrant that our products are 100% natural and non toxic. We make no claims about their efficacy but do record what they have done for people, whose testimonies speak for themselves. Every effort is made to corroborate these testimonies and if there is any doubt they are not recorded on the website.We do not advocate that anybody ceases taking medication prescribed to them by their Doctors until they are advised by their GP or choose to by themselves.

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