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Here are some of the testimonials from the thousands of customers who have used and benefited from SOS Advance and its associated products;

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Blood Pressure and Dizziness

*Sos advance helped me regain my strength, I was always weak and dizzy. I couldn't  climb the stairs without stopping to catch my breath.  It was difficult for me to go through my daily, I felt better from the first day. Within three days the dizziness, weakness and my blood pressure was under control. I am off the bp medication now. SOS is my amazing supplement. (Jennifer  - Lagos, Nigeria Mar 2017)


Prostrate Problems 

*I had a growing prostrate condition that made it difficult for me to urinate. Within three weeks after starting to take the SOS Advance, my urination stabilized and the pains are gone.  I am very happy with the performance of this awesome health supplement. (Jacob - Lagos, Nigeria. Mar 2017


Joint Pain

*My ankles and joints have been very painful for a long time, it seems that I was having circulation issues. After taking my first bottle of SOS Advance I noticed the pain had gone. My GP carried out a test and found that there was a great improvement with my blood. I am continuing to take it. Rita, Manchester. UKMarch 2016



*I had been having constant migrain headachs for a long time. They were so severe that I was having problems sleeping. I recently started taking SOS Advance. I no longer get the migrain headaches. PG, ManchesterMarch 2016


Eczema, Athletes Foot

 *I was suffering from eczema and athletes foot but after taking six bottles my eczema and athletes foot had disappeared . A fantastic product would recommend highly. Amy UK, Oct 2016



*I got to know about this great product last month when SOS Advance was administered to my dad who is a cancer patient. Within days of taking this product, my dad who the last hospital he was admitted to, rejected him. gradually began to regain his health. His body, as i write now has witnessed a great change. Ben. Nigeria Mar 2017


Menstrual Problem

*My name is F. Mensah from Accra, Ghana; I used to have a problem with ovulation and menstrual disorder, I have had 3 miscarriages until I discovered SOS Advance and am now a proud mother and even expecting my second child all thanks to SOS ADVANCE. I therefore recommend SOS ADVANCE to all...Nov 2016 Accra



*I am Dr R. koforidua, E/R Ghana. I used to be hepatitis b patient and infected my boyfriend then; we did all we can and even saw all the so called good medical practitioners but could not find cure to our ailments till we discovered SOS Advance and ordered for 2 courses each after which we are  now declared negative of the virus..Nov 2016 Ghana


Stomach Problems
*I Am F. Asante from Accra, Ghana, I used to feel very weak and funny sort off (sick) every morning until I discuss with a friend who then introduced me to SOS ADVANCE health beverage, after  just 1 bottle, I could not stop but keep on ordering and ordering after seeing the wonders it had performed on me... thanks to SOS Essentials . Oct 2016 Accra


Skin Condition
*Am Daniel from Accra, Ghana, I was suffering from some sort of skin conditions for some couple of years now until someone told me about SOS Advance health beverage which has done a (great work) on my skin since I started taking it. I must say that, am very proud and wish to testify about the wonders of SOS Advance health beverage! Oct 2016 Ghana


*My name is Rev. T. Aseidu from Aburi, E/R Ghana, I discovered SOS Advance through a telephone conversation a had with a friend about a year ago and decided to order for a course for one of my church member who had a mile stroke affecting largely the left side his body. To my outmost surprise this health beverage has performed wonderfully well that my client (church member) can't thanking me for my discovering SOS Advance health beverage. Oct 2016 Ghana



Pain Relief

*I have found rubbing on the SOS Allieve gives me instant relief from night cramps, I keep a bottle on my bedside table. Lalage, London, UK


Bacteria & Circulation issues

*Thank you so much for your e-mail and update! I absolutely love the Advance and it has worked wonders for me as I was suffering from a bacterial infection and blood circulation issues after traveling to Asia this year. I tell all my friends and family about it as well and I can't say enough good things about it! I feel like myself again thanks to your product!

Cheers, Aditi


Blood Pressure

*"It is the only thing that helps with my headaches & high blood pressure. It seems to help with my enlarged prostate as well"  Geoff UK. Jan 2016



*I have a client with Meningitis, he was completely paralysed three weeks ago and after three bottles of the SOS advance he is now moving his legs and saying that feeling is returning. S S Health UK.


Skin Tonic

*Hi Nigel , love love SOS advance , my sister wants to try it also, ........ and thank you so much for the face tonic, wow it's amazing , I have taken a before picture so I can see the difference already. 

Regards Joanna. UK Jan 2016


Cold Sores

*My housekeepers daughter in the Ukraine was so greatly helped with her cold sores with the SOS Advance.

Lalage. UK


Myelitis and Fibromyalgia

*Hi, I felt I had to inform you that before I started taking SOS advance I had been in a great deal of pain for 5 years suffering from relapsing myelitis and fibromyalgia. I was taking various medications .....amitriptyline, pregabalin, amantadine along with butrans pain patches.   Worried about the side effects and long term
use I began to look elsewhere last year ........I now take a daily shot of SOS Advance  and NO prescription drugs at all, several months on and I'm going from strength to strength.

many thanks

Heather. UK, Feb 2016


Bacterial Infection

*Thank you so much for your e-mail and update! I absolutely love the Advance and it has worked wonders for me as I was suffering from a bacterial infection and blood circulation issues after traveling to Asia this year. I tell all my friends and family about it as well and I can't say enough good things about it! I feel like myself again thanks to your product!

AG Jan 2016



*I am undergoing Chemotherapy at the moment, after a checkup my doctor told me my blood is exceptionally healthy in the circumstances and whatever I am doing I should carry on with it.

I find your product very wonderful it is really helping through this trying time.

E. Fraser

UK July 2015


High Blood Pressure

*I gave 1 bottle to a friend of mine for his high blood pressure and after taking it for a week he went back for checkup. To his surprise is blood pressure was normal and was very happy.

 Also I took 3 bottles for  very high cholesterol. My doctor said to put me on medication but  after completing 3 bottes my cholesterol level was normal and to date is still normal. My doctor from Philippines was very surprised. Wilbur, Philippines July 2015


Gastritis Gone

*I had gastritis (similar to ulcers) for many years without solution After taking taking several medications I was introduced to SOS  Advance. After about three weeks of using SOS  Advance, this health challenge disappeared. SOS - my able natural solution. (Alex - Enugu, Nigeria Mar 2017)


Stomach Pain

*I had a very painful stomach disorder that I cannot explain the cause. A friend gave me some SOS Advance four times during this crises, after about two hours this pain stopped till today.  I think SOS is a good Health supplement to watch. (Sunday - Owerri, Nigeria. Mar 2017)


Blood Condition Resolved

 *Whenever I am urinating blood comes out with it for more than a year, I have visited different hospitals and herbal homes without help. I met a lady in Aba who gave me 3 bottles of SOS Advance.  Since then I have not suffered from this affliction. Thanks to SOS Advance. (Obi - Aba, Nigeria. Mar 2017

Mouth Lesions

*Virgil contacted our office last week to inform us that his mother had cancer of the mouth and had 6 lesions in her mouth. He was pleased to inform us that after 6 bottles of SOS Advance, all the lesions are now gone. - UK March 2015


*"My Father is on Prostate treatment and since he started with SOS Advance his PSA count has come right down, we can only attribute it to the SOS Advance". - UK July 2014.

Blood Pressure

*"I have suffered from High Blood pressure, and cholesterol problems most of my adult life. I decided to buy a bottle of SOS Advance because I had tried everything else and nothing had worked. After approx 2 days, I noticed a massive increase in energy. I had my blood pressure checked a few days later and it had reduced. It has taken a while, but It is now absolutely normal as well as my cholesterol levels. Thank God for SOS Advance"


*Dear Nigel,

Hi, Miranda here, the MS Nurse from Bedford. Just wanted to let you know that I recently was approached by one of my patients who is a very disabled young lady with a catheter, who had been having a terrible problem with recurrent urinary tract infections. She had developed a resistance to almost all forms of antibiotic except for a very powerful one which was intravenous, and which you cannot have more than a certain amount of times in one year. The bacteria had colonised around the site of the catheter, and she kept having recurrent flare ups, causing spasms to 'rack' her body, and causing muscle weakness and worse disability. I told her about SOS advance, and just received this email from her:

Dear Miranda, '

Thank you for telling me about the advance. I got some and it worked. When I finished the bottle I left taking some to see what the difference was and there was a huge one...

' she is happy for her testimonial to be used, and so am I. I often inform my patients about this product as a way to treat infection without compromising the health of the gut, or when antibiotics are no longer working. all the best, Miranda. UK

Pain in my foot

*I had a pain in my foot for the past four years. I had visited my doctor and different specialists but no one could explain the pain or provide me with any relief from it. I saw you at an expo in London a few weeks ago and was told I should rub some SOS Allieve on it, which you gave me in my hand. I sat down and applied your SOS Allieve, then walked around. A little later I noticed the pain had gone. I returned to you to let you know and also to purchase the SOS Allieve. I'm not sure what happened, but the pain has gone. London Sept 14 

Aches & Pains

*I bought  3 bottles of SOS Advance and started using it two weeks ago. I was suffering from aches and pains in my knees and legs. The aches and pains have now eased and my legs are much more flexible. I just wanted to let you know, and say thanks. Manchester UK, Oct 14

All round winner

*"Both my 8 and 5 year old drink the Advance and call it the hot medicine that makes everything better".UK July 14'


*My Father is on Prostate treatment and since he started with SOS Advance his PSA count has come right down, we can only attribute it to the SOS Advance.

UK July 2014

Bowel Movements

*My 5 year old Autistic daughter had inflammation of the gastric Tract, the Advance has really helped her have proper bowel movements. UK July 2014


*I have felt an awful lot better since starting with the Advance, I also felt it was doing good for my sinus’s and ear problems, also I have not had much trouble with hay fever this year and it was the worst pollen count for many years. UK July 2014

HIV Support

*My friend in India was diagnosed with Aids/HIV. His CD4 count fell to 295. After having his first 2 bottles of SOS Advance his CD4 count is now 485 and he is feeling much better in his body. He is continuing to take SOS Advance. Oct


*Someone introduced SOS ADVANCE to this man , half of his body was totally dead without any stimuli or sensation. Even when that part of his body was near fire or a hot object he could not feel anything. After taking SOS ADVANCE for just three days he was able to feel if some-one holds that side of his body, he is now able to move that side and now he can get up and hold things for himself. Kumasi, Ghana


*SOS ADVANCE had a good effect on people with Diabetes type 1 & 2, both primary and secondary Hypertension. We have found that a Hypertensive patient drinks SOS Advance, in a short time the Blood Pressure (diastolic) reduced by 15-20mmHg and the systolic by 20mmHg. The problems he had could have led strokes, heart failure, cardiac arrest and renal failure. The patient was very pleased with the outcome. Kumasi Ghana

Good health for the whole family

*thank you very much for your products,
they are helping my family and friends
and myself a lot !
Tina (Feb 14')

Blood Pressure & Pain

*I used to be on Blood Pressure tablets but after I started drinking the Advance I noticed my BP was a little lower so I stopped taking the tablets. Now my BP is in the normal range, I measure it every morning.

Also my right knee had been suffering from joint pain, it has not been painful for a couple of weeks now, I did not notice when it stopped but I can get in and out of the car and climb stairs without any pain. I am now on my fourth bottle and very happy with this product, I am a nurse by profession.

Many thanks

Felicity (Feb 14')


*Herbal Doctor – had a patient who has suffered from Psoriasis for 15 years, he has seen how SOS Advance has helped his patient.
Now, in just a short time the Psoriasis has gone from his skin. (Ghana)

Disease & Blood Pressure

*Mr B, his sister landed in hospital, they could not help her, they could not find the cause of the disease. Her father took her to a famous pastor to pray for her. He charged them a lot of money for the prayer. Mr B was not happy with all the money they were charging and they wanted her to stay over and that would cost more. He told his sister to take SOS Advance four times a day!! Dosage is usually 10mls three times a day, within three days she was up and about!
Mr B also went to visit a lady in the hospital he gave her a bottle, she did not take it, so he gave it to the lady in the next bed, with high blood pressure. The next day when he visited her, the lady’s blood pressure had reduced Everybody was asking for SOS Advance, that day he sold 15 bottles!!! Ghana

PMS Problems

*SOS ADVANCE For Amenorrhoea (primary & secondary) Advance has been able to help many women start getting their normal menstrual cycle in subsequent months with free flow and reduce pain and cramps. Kumasi, Ghana


*Mrs R has a spinal problem from a motor accident and various traumatic falls. She has a very high level job and was having many days off work, even extended periods. The longest three months and this was becoming a problem. In addition to the spinal problem she had very serious allergies! She could not step out of the house without taking anti-histamines! Some mornings she would wake up and itch from head to toe. She had to use a comb to scratch herself!! She couldn’t do basic chores at home like cooking, sweeping and so on because she could not stand for more than 15 minutes. She just felt she could not go on like this. She used to surf the net a lot and one day she came across SOS Advance, she read all about it. She had a relative in the UK who was visiting and asked her to bring it over for her. Before she had finished the first bottle, she had to spend four hours cooking non stop (for a trip for her husband) She had not been able to do this years. Her allergies are 99.9% gone!! After this she decided to become a distributor.

Increased Energy

*Mrs S bought one bottle of SOS Advance and said that her husband was so impressed with the new ‘energy’ she was enjoying. She used to get up every day with aches and pains before the SOS Advance. People also noticed that her skin was looking so good too.

Rashes & Sores:

*From the continuous use of Paracetamol and Aspirin related medications, I developed rashes, tummy troubles, bladder troubles etc. That was the quickest relief I could get and most other medications had nasty side effects. I had skin blemishes and on my arms and hands. After using SOS ADVANCE  they are Gone.

Prostate problems

*I had been observing a growing Prostate problem for about 3 years, and then about 3 months ago, I took SOS ADVANCE and I noticed a difference after only one week.


*Mr K had been sick for three years, his Doctor thought he had Malaria and gave him medication for it. After he finished the course he was still sick. Then he decided to go to the lab for some tests and they found that he had uric acid over 9, it should be around 5. The doctor said he should drink lots of water, which he did and this seemed to help him. Then he went to the States and came back with a disease in his throat which made him vomit blood. He was vomiting for two years. The doctor said it was Gastro-re-flux disease which is acid from the stomach which comes up and burns the throat. One and a half months ago he bought three bottles before the first one was finished his throat was not hurting as much. Now he is selling the product to many others.

Increased Energy

*Mr J, does a lot of driving in his job, so he uses SOS Advance as an energy drink, because it gives him lots of energy. It also seems to make him sleep very well.


*I have to let you know that I have had arthritis in my right hand for the past two years. I used your SOS ADVANCE and rubbed it in. It felt better straight away. I am now also drinking the SOS Advance. I don't love the taste but it is worth it. Thanks again.  Ms G. Yorkshire UK

Health Issues

Mr P had a friend with many health issues so he put some SOS Herbal Soak in the friends’ bath and told him to soak for twenty minutes. The person coughed and coughed up things that were causing his internal problems and then went to sleep. They woke up the next day very refreshed and so much better.


*Mrs A had a motor accident with five other family members. Her injuries were in her head, which made her feel very unwell. She could not function at her work. After x-rays and scans they could not find anything wrong with her. She heard about SOS Advance and started taking it. She began to have Malaria symptoms which had been lying dormant in her blood. She began to feel sleepy and slept for three hours when she got up it was gone. All symptoms of the disease let her and have not come back again. Ghana 2015

Ear Problem

*Mr L had lots of problems with his ears producing too much wax and itching, he poured just a little SOS Advance into his ear and the problem stopped. Ghana 2013

Head Injury

*Mrs A, who had head injuries after the accident used to get a funny sensation in her brain/head when she went near heat from her oven. She put a few drops of SOS Advance in her nose and the sensation went away. She can also go under the hair dryer and dry her hair now. Ghana 2013

Extra Strength

*Mrs Q who was also in an accident could not climb the stairs without support, after taking SOS Advance she is able to climb stairs with no help. Ghana 2013


*Mr K had a stroke five years ago and was left bed-ridden. After taking only one bottle of SOS Advance he was able to sit up in bed and drag himself to the bathroom, his improvement continues. Ghana


*Mrs O fell into a ditch and had a stroke which left her paralysed. She took one bottle of SOS Advance and found that within a short time she could stop using both her crutches. She uses just one now and is getting around quite briskly as she continues to take SOS Advance. Ghana


*A little baby who was involved in an accident was left with head injuries, which made him very crabby, crying all the time. His mother heard about SOS Advance and bought some. She put a small amount up the baby’s nose a few times, the crabbiness has stopped and he is growing well.Ghana

Pain Relief

*I can recommend SOS ADVANCE for pain relief, I use my computer for over 12 hours a day some times and I used to get aches and pains in my hand and wrist, but since I have been using SOS Advance I do not get anywhere near the chronic pain that I used to get. UK

Shoulder Pain

*Jill from London SOS Advance has change my life. My right Shoulder I suffered with joint pains and since using SOS Advance I've been free and been able to carry out my daily activity thank you.

Fatou from Gambia my life has change for ever I was Diagnosed with their HIV and since using this SOS Advance, I have gone from being almost medicated through retro viral to now being free and now I'm awaiting a CD for count thank you. Gambia


*I am writing to the makers of SOS Advance to let you know that your product has fixed most if not all of my food allergies. I find that most fast food and microwave food does not agree with me and I used to suffer for a few days after eating, but when I take SOS Advance everything is much better and I do not food allergies any more. Birmingham UK

Feeling Great

*I started using SOS Advance on the recommendation of a friend as they told me that it was a good quality nutritional supplement, and within less than a week people were commenting on how healthy and well I looked. They said that my face and complexion had a bright sheen and that I did not look my age, have just turned 50, I feel great, and feel that I must write and let other people know that SOS Advance is a great product. RH West Midlands

Blood Pressure

*It is easy to get disillusioned when health problems occurs because you can feel like your own body and health is not in your own hands. That is how I felt as my blood pressure of 8 years was again not stable and for the first time ever I was given medication for cholesterol. This really distressed me, I was looking at a life of even more tablets and it filled me with dread.

My brother suggested I try this completely natural product called SOS Advance I took it 3 times a day with water. When I went back to the doctors 1 week later he smiled and said well the medication is working, your blood pressure has stabilised. I looked at him a little embarrassed and said I did not take the tablets, he said well whatever you are doing is working because your blood pressure is completely normal. Thank you SOS Advance. 

I am going for my cholesterol check in a couple of weeks, I hope I get the same great results. Leeds UK


*I'm really enjoying these products and have now had 2 patients report no more genital herpes outbreaks since starting the SOS ADVANCE. One has a 12 year history of very regular outbreaks (6 to 12 per year) and the other also suffered regular outbreaks for approximately 10 years.

*My name is Amadou from The Gambia. Since I was introduced to SOS Advance I've used it for months and as a result I've been without Malaria a big thanks. Gambia

Burnt finger

*I burnt my finger while cooking, and I was in terrible pain, within a few hours it started blistering up, my friend said let me put something on it, I didn’t want anyone to touch it as it was so painful. She poured some liquid on a piece of tissue around my finger. 
Within 10 mins the intense burning pain was gone, and I was left with just a light throbbing. I was very surprised and asked her what it was that she used; she showed me the product called SOS Advance I took the name and details and ordered my own bottle immediately. Before I went home my finger had no blister and no pain, and I had prefect movement with it. I am still amazed and looking forward to getting my own supply. UK

Clinic in Kenya

*Sarah, an HIV sufferer had a CD4 count of 300. After just one bottle of SOS Advance her CD4 count is now 500 and she has begun to put on weight
Tobias and his wife both have HIV and were suffering from stomach problems so badly, they thought they were going to die. After taking SOS Advance for one week, they were feeling completely well and even now are still in good health


Practitioner Comments


Conscious Health (Halifax) Ltd. Primary and Preventative Medicine. Live and dried blood analysis.

*I would highly recommend people take SOS Advance it is a fantastic blood cleaner, the best on the market by far. Our clients show rapid and significant health gains in live and dried blood samples.

Sue Chinn, Holistic Consultant. The Hope Clinic. Taunton.

*SOS Advance has been life changing for not only myself but 100's of my clients. I have seen recoveries of various 'dis-eases' that clients have struggled with, some for years, resolve in less than 3 weeks. Many that has even outwitted the medical profession! When we understand that ALL 'dis-ease' emanates from issues in the gut-then to heal, it is ESSENTIAL to detoxify the systemic colonic pollution ensuring eradication of stealth pathogens which are the casuistry factor of inflammation and cellular damage, which then becomes a continual drain on the immune system. SOS Advance deals with these issues quicker than anything else I have ever recommended.

Jonathan Frewing. ART Practitioner. West Sussex.

*SOS Advance has proven to be one of my staples in my practice.  It has been tremendously helpful to numerous clients in situations as diverse as infections to pain relief as well as more sinister disease.  It has also been a complete life-saver in one case where a young lady in very poor health is able to consume food ONLY if she first takes a little of the SOS Advance in water prior to eating.  This is a very valuable tool in the fight against disease.

Brian Goddard owner of BG Sports & Health supplies

*SOS Advance my best selling product bar none!!! It does what it says on the label, cleans the blood. I get amazing results and feedback from my customers. 100% satisfaction. Great for any skin conditions. Digestive problems, Herpes, Bacteria killer, Spots, pimples and many more. I highly recommend the product. Make sure you load up on it for alkalinising your body. 

Sue Taylor Holistic Practitioner. 'Soul Support'. Carmarthenshire West Wales. 

 *SOS Advance has become an invaluable part of my clients healing journeys. It is used as a cleanser of the whole system but also used to prepare my clients for liver programs which require parasite cleansing. This product is so safe and easy to use compared to other herbal cleansers on the market which often have  complicated dosing regimes.

I have witnessed many great improvements in general health after just 1 bottles of SOS Advance.

I personally have had two skin lesions virtually disappear after taking 2 bottles. One of my clients had shingles and was suffering severe pain with blisters on his tongue and  in his mouth. SOS Advance was the only thing that soothed the pain and the blisters shrank away.

I would be happy to recommend SOS Advance to anyone . I have been using Organic essential oils for many years and use them internally so I was so pleased to find  Smart Organic Solutions. Britain has lagged behind other countries who have known the power of Organic Oils. Congratulations to the team for all their hard work in getting this product on the market. I am very grateful.

Joe, Conscious Health 

*We have has so many ladies with skin conditions and every one of them has been sorted out with the SOS Advance and also the SOS Skin Tonic is a fantastic product, we sell a lot of that too.


Natural Doctor, Thoger Malmstrom, Norway

 *I have for three years now collaborated with Nigel and Mark at Smart Organic Solutions. The product SOS Advanced is a herbal blend with unique healing properties.

I have worked as a Natural Doctor in my own clinic in Norway since 1995. I've used SOS Advanced on a large number of patients with very good results. I have dealt with conditions such as pneumonia, urinary tract infections , sinusitis , ear infections , wound infections , Hepatitis A, Lyme disease , athlete's foot , nail fungus , gastritis and psoriasis .

I personally have very good experience with this natural product and give it my best recommendations .

Peace & Health