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People who develop diabetes have blood sugar levels that are too high.

Diabetes has predominately two main types:

In Type 1 diabetes the natural immune system of the body destroys the cells in the body responsible for producing insulin

In Type 2 diabetes the body fails to make sufficient insulin, or the cells fail to react to insulin


In Type 1 diabetes the immune system destroys the cells in the pancreas that are responsible for making insulin. The body is left without enough insulin for normal function. This is classified as an autoimmune cause or reaction, so called because the body has begun to attack itself.


The most common diabetes by far is type 2 diabetes and in the UK, of all adults who have type 2 diabetes - some 90% will have type 2 diabetes.

The heading of ‘Diabetes’ actually refers to a group of metabolic diseases where blood sugar levels are raised over a long period of time. The symptoms of high blood sugar will often include:

· The frequent needs to urinate

· An increased thirst, often unquenchable

· An increased feeling of being hungry.

Untreated diabetes can lead to many complications. Some of the long-term complications of untreated diabetes will include: 

· Increased risk of heart Disease

· Increased risk of stroke

· Development of kidney failure

· Ulcers on the feet

· Damage to the eyes

Diabetes develops when either the pancreas fails to produce insulin in sufficient quantity or if the cells within the body do not respond to the insulin produced.

A Diagnosis of Pre-diabetes

Many people who are not actually classified as diabetic have blood sugars that are higher than normal but are not raised enough for a diagnosis of diabetes to be made.

This stage is often known as pre-diabetes but if blood sugar levels are higher than normal the risk of full-blown diabetes developing will be greater.

An early diagnosis of diabetes is vital, as without treatment it will worsen progressively.


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