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So what exactly is blood pressure?


blood pressure

Every time the heart beats it pumps blood that travels around the body to deliver the oxygen and the energythe body needs to stay healthy. When blood pressure is measured it is to see how strong the blood pressing against your artery walls is as it is pumped throughout the body. The blood pushing on the sides of the blood vessels is what will give your blood pressure reading. When blood pressure is high, extra strain is put on your heart and arteries and that might lead to a heart attack or a stroke.


Why do we develop high blood pressure?


When somebody develops high blood pressure is can be as a result of several things. It is not clear what the precise reason for high blood pressure developing is. One thing that is known however is that the lifestyle we lead can contribute to our developing high blood pressure. Some of the best-known risk factors are that:

· Your diet contains a lot of salt

· Your diet does not contain sufficient vegetables and fruit

· You are generally inactive

· Your alcohol consumption is too high e.g. more than one to two drinks each day

· You smoke

· Your are overweight or categorised as obese

· You suffer from stress

· You are in an older age bracket

· You have a genetic predisposition

· There is a history of high blood pressure in your family

· You suffer from chronic kidney disease

· You have adrenal or thyroid problems

· You suffer from sleep apnoea

Blood Pressure inside

You can take steps that will help to lower your blood pressure - and your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

Here are our ten top ways to lower your blood pressure WITHOUT medication.

So you’ve had a diagnosis of high blood pressure and are worried about the medication that you have been prescribed.  

Your lifestyle is going to be vital in tackling your high blood pressure. Successfully controlling your blood pressure with a healthy lifestyle can help to avoid, delay or cut down the amount of medication you need to take.

Things that you should focus on include:

1. Losing those extra pounds and keeping an eye on your waistline

2. Setting up a regular exercise regimen

3. Eating a healthier diet

4. Reducing the amount of salt you eat in your diet

5. Cutting down on the alcohol that you drink

6. Stopping smoking

7. Drinking less caffeine

8. Trying to manage your stress better

9. Get a home blood pressure monitoring kit and visit your clinic regularly

10. Get all the support you can

Support from family and friends will go a long way to improve your health. They will encourage you, drive you to your appointments or they might even exercise with you.

If you think that you need some support beyond that given by your friends and family you could look into joining a support group.

body blood pressure


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