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West Africa - Diabetes



Do You Experience Any Of These Common Diabetes Symptoms ?

  • Feeling tired & fatigued during the day
  • Often feeling hungry shortly after eating (polyphagia)
  • Urinating more often during the night (polyuria)
  • Feeling abnormally thirsty (polydipsia)
  • Experience blurred vision
  • Itching of the skin, particularly (genital itchiness)
  • Slow healing of cuts or wounds
  • Experience regular yeast infections (thrush)
  • Skin disorders such as psoriasis or acanthosis nigricans
  • Sudden weight loss or loss of muscle mass


How to Beat Diabetes Naturally And Reverse Diabetic Decay With Nutrition & Health Supplements

If you have Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes or Insulin Resistance with Hypertension, there is a natural way to take back control of your life, reverse Diabetic decay and lower your blood pressure so you feel better naturally and prevent further health complications…

Distributors wanted across West Africa


Available from Santa Moniqe Health Shop (opp Golden Tulip hotel) - Relish Health shop OSU, - Ebenezer Health shop OSU or call 024 443 9830

Distributors wanted across  West Africa


The Time To Make a Change Is Now! 


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