Restore Your Body

Understanding your body is instrumental in keeping it working at optimum levels, and understanding the causes of even the most simple illness - like a cold - can help you takesteps to boost your bodily health.

Common colds and runny noses are not themselves diseases, they are instead symptoms, are action your body has to a virus or bacteria that is designed to flush it out.

In the same way, if you’re running a fever, your body will produce more white blood cells and raise its core temperature to attack the harmful bacteria or virus and destroy it. Although it makes you feel ill, your body is actually taking steps to cure itself.

When someone develops a tumour or cancer, it is a sign that certain systems in the body are not functioning properly.

Essentially, the body will always demonstrate symptoms. It is important to understand what those symptoms are and react with natural substances that help to correct the balance in the body.

This includes having the right nutrients, exercise, hydration, and fresh fruit - all which bolster your immune system and aid in flushing those harmful toxins and chemicals from your body more effectively.

SOS Advance is a natural anti-viral, bacterial and fungal supplement that aids your body infighting-off diseases and flushing out harmful substances that can lead to illness

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