Alkalize Your Body

The dangers of Acidity

Where your body’s pH is too acidic, minerals from the organs and your bones will be utilised to neutralise and remove the acids. Over a protracted period, this taxes the immune system and makes the body more susceptible to illness.

What’s more, if your blood is too acidic, it can form clusters that are less capable of travelling through all the tiny capillaries in your body, essentially starving certain tissues of the necessary amounts of oxygen, causing entropy and a breakdown of the areas affected byoxygen-deprivation.

Your body’s weakest and most vulnerable organs are the most susceptible to acidity, heavy metals, petrochemicals, pesticides (found in trace amounts in many foods) and other toxins. Over time, without treatment, these can build to significant enough levels to seriously compromise your vulnerable organs’ functionality, making them the perfect environment for viruses, bacteria and fungi which thrive in more acidic environments.

The benefits of Alkalinity

In a well-balanced environment - which is more alkaline - the body functions properly, and your immune system is kept at optimum levels. This state itself is anti-carcinogenic, as cancer cells cannot exist in an alkaline environment.

Many health experts, including doctors, nutritionists, and herbalists believe that a lot of diseases in our society stem from common issues relating to your body’s balance between Acidity and Alkalinity.

Therefore, by regulating your body’s pH level and maintaining a positively alkaline internal environment, you’ll be creating the right conditions to boost your immune system, reduce the build-up of toxins, and prevent your vulnerable organs from becoming susceptible to harmful foreign bodies.

SOS Advance is the perfect supplement to achieve this, as it contains a high concentration of alkali in a nano formulation which helps to support and maintain the optimum pH levels for your body. Start using it today to see a drastic improvement in your immune system’s integrity, your energy levels and the general well-being of your body.

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